Field Trips

At ISC, field trips are an integral part of teaching and learning and essential to our philosophy linking learning to the real world.  We believe they foster and develop curiosity and allow students to test ideas and apply skills learnt in the classroom.  As they explore outside of the classroom, students learn to apply the attributes of the IB learner profile in creative contexts.  ISC organises regular educational field trips in line with the content of the teaching programme and Essential Elements of the PYP and MYP. These are planned across the year and students reflect on their experiences back in the classroom.  Through the field trips programme we bring the real world into school and we expand the school into the lived environment.  

We are extremely fortunate to have such beautiful surroundings and stunning architecture to explore.  Examples of fieldtrips include the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Art Exhibitions and Galleries in Milan, workshops for La Scala productions, storytelling in Brunate, sailing courses on Lake Como and puppet shows with related workshops at the Burratini Theatre in Como.  From grade five to grade six, students participate in a 2/3 day residential experience while in the MYP the residential trip is four/five days.


Field Trip procedures

While away on such trips, students are expected to observe the highest standards of conduct and to wear their school uniform unless otherwise stated.  Parents are required to sign a general permission slip at the beginning of the year allowing their child to leave the school
campus, on foot, to participate in neighbourhood activities or projects, relevant to a particular topic being studied, as well as day trips in the region using public transportation or school or hired buses.  Students cannot participate in field trips unless they have the written permission of their parent. Since the written parental permission is a legal requirement, we ask for your co-operation in ensuring that the signed slips are returned promptly.

With regards to residential experiences, a parent information session is held well in advance to inform parents of the itinerary for these overnight field trips. Special permission forms are required for these trips including additional payment outside of the school fees.