Technology at ISC is at the forefront of our learning and inquiry. It is the tool through which we connect with the world around us and collaborate with others to build and foster understanding. To that end, technology at ISC is based around the concept of integration and cooperation. Teachers and students use the available technologies to create rich learning experiences based around the principles of The Five Cs: Creation, Collaboration, Consumption, Communication and Citizenship.


To help facilitate rich learning experiences, ISC offers a range of technologies such as Interactive Whiteboards in each classroom, iPads in the PYP – becoming a 1-1 solution in the Upper Elementary. Laptops and cameras are available to allow students access to a wider range of tools for inquiry and assessment. In the MYP and DP sections, students have access to a personal laptop loaded with the latest software which allows them the flexibility and creativity needed to foster learning and inquiry through their approaches to learning. Students also have access to a range of software solutions offered by Microsoft, Google and others which enrich and support their learning. Students across the school learn how to access information appropriately and become better digital citizens through guided learning experiences which promote international minded learners who are safe and responsible users of technology.


All Elementary students from Grade 3 above are given a personal iPad to use in class, where they are integrated into the programme as teaching and learning tools. In Grade 1 and Grade 2 they receive a set of iPads to be used and shared in groups.
We upload a list of core apps that are also needed, showing which ones will be introduced at each grade level. We recommend a protected browser for use outside school and refer parents to Mobicip (parent control software) for this purpose. Tablets and/laptops will be used for a maximum of 20% of lesson time to support learning. Please read the school policy and sign the assumption of responsibility form that will be sent to you by the school office.

In Secondary School, the students receive a laptop to be used during the classes in school. These are also integrated into lessons and activities. Students can make extensive use of them to complete regular assignments and coursework.