Lunches and Healthy Eating

At ISC, lunches are provided by the school at an additional cost to parents - please refer to ISC Tuition Fees. Lunches are prepared in-house by our dedicated chef, who has been with us since 2011, with fresh, organic and local products. 

A dedicated website for the entire school community has been created to allow parents to preview the menus at any time. Detailed information such as the nutrition facts, ingredients, calories and recipes are included. They can be found at: 

We provide special lunches for those students who have special dietary needs, food allergies or cultural preferences: we kindly ask our parents to inform us immediately about any of the mentioned needs. 

We highly promote and provide to all of our students - from Pre-Kindergarten to  Middle School - healthy snacks such as fruit and yogurt for their morning break.  

Drinking water is provided by the school and is available at all times. Drinks, such as colas, with high sugar contents, are not permitted in school.

Please note that school policy does not allow students to bring food from home.