The Arts

Visual Arts

ISC has always had a strong Visual Arts programme. It is offered from Kinder up to MYP 4. The arts is an integral part of the IB curriculum and it encourages creativity, development of analytical and problem solving skills as well as exploring ideas in a multi-cultural context.

Developing creativity, critical awareness and the execution of technical skills are important factors for students to be able to express themselves through visual means. ISC students demonstrate an understanding of how and why artists create. They analyse and examine famous artworks from different culture and time period, as well as looking at social, cultural and environmental issues in different perspectives. They develop skills in ceramics, printmaking, painting, 3D sculpture, jewellery and textile design, photography, the use of mixed media and the integration of digital works.

We believe in the importance of giving our students opportunities to be actively involved in the community. We held our yearly whole school exhibition in public spaces where everyone is able to witness and appreciate works of our students and at the same time collaborate with them with some community projects.

The Art department is equipped with a large studio space and a kiln for ceramics-making. The art room is a special area for students where they come to enjoy and create some of their personal works during their free time.


Drama is a playful activity that can teach us very serious things. So while you’re having fun doing lots of physical, verbal and creative tasks in drama, you are also learning about other people, listening to and tolerating people who may have different ideas, even ones you don’t agree with. You are also learning trust and responsibility, how to work together to make something the best you can by recognising the talent and ideas of each individual. It gives you confidence and the ability to look people in the eye and say what you think constructively.

As you grow up you also learn that drama is connected to every other subject through its historical contexts, its design and technology opportunities and its creative physical medium, that’s you! You don’t have to be the best actor in the world, but you will learn to share your work with others, get out of your comfort zone and take some risks. This year, I am going to focus especially on this aspect.

Let’s get drama out of the ghetto, the drama night is not the only time we have to share our work, look out for the MYP POP- UP theatre performances that will be coming from the unit work this year. Get in and get on!